Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wonderful outings of late

Since being back at work, it feels like I never have much time to spend with Abner. The morning is spent rushing around getting ready to head out the door, and the evening is spent rushing around getting ready to head to bed. That leaves the weekends.

We've been making a point of getting out to enjoy the great outdoors nearly every weekend lately. Last weekend we returned to one of our favorite spots for a walk: Blackie Spit.

Then, for mother's day, we checked out Mundy Park in Coquitlam for the first time. I highly recommend it. It's a decent sized park with lengthy trails, two 'lakes', playing fields, disc golf, playgrounds and enormous power lines too!

When we first arrived, we needed to change Abner, so we spread the change mat on the ground near the parking lot and TDSH set to work on Abner's lower half, while I entertained the top half. At one point I put my hand on her cheek and it felt rather sticky, which was odd since she hadn't eaten anything sticky. After a couple of moments, it dawned on me that it was the electrical current from the power lines that I was feeling.

So now, not only have I locked my daughter alone in my building's lobby and dropped a can of beans on her head...I've also electrocuted her too!

If you're at all worried about the power lines, just make sure you don't use the parking lot off Mariner Way. It's worth it to visit the park though...cause how awesome is it to see something like this right in the city?

This weekend, Abner and I headed to the Barnet Marine park with the cousins to give TDSH a few hours of piece to work on his weekly lecture. It was a glorious day weather-wise. I could happily spend an entire day there from sun up to sun down just hanging out on the beach or under the shade of the trees or sitting 'round one of the many picnic tables.

We also hit Burnaby Mountain Park for a dinner picnic the same day, but I forgot to bring my camera. Monday we walked through Campbell Valley Park with the Grandparents, but none of my photos turned out. Boo.


  1. I love barnet marine park so much. Ocean without 45 minutes in the car! Hoorah!

    The power lines making Abner sticky is a little freaky. She can pull it off, though. Such a cute baby.

  2. what great adventures. so cute to see little abbi walking!

  3. abbs looks so adorable!

    that is super creepy about the power lines. sticky? i'm not even sure i get what that is...

    by the way - awesome spider man pail. cole will be so jealous - he has a yogurt bucket. ;-)


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