Friday, 10 April 2009

Your craft supplies will be jealous of my craft supplies

***WARNING: the following post was written by someone who gets overly excited about organizing. If you do not share this love for organizing, you may want to skip this post and instead click here to watch a highly entertaining video of Jian Ghomeshi attempting to interview Billy Bob Thornton.***

I got tired of having my crafting and sewing supplies stashed in every nook and cranny in our apartment so I went out and picked up the mother of all portable storage bins at Crappy Tire this week. Behold my new Mastercraft Vertical Rolling Toolbox...aka my kickass new craft box!

That yellow pouch on the side is the perfect spot for my label maker. [Yes, folks -- I have my very own label maker.] And those little drawers on the top house my collection of buttons, zippers and embroidery floss. I finally have a place to store all of my patterns too - in the top section which can be snapped off to reveal a huge storage space where I keep my WIP [that would be Work In Progress in case you don't know]. Check it out...there is a spot for EVERYTHING!

The middle drawer comes right out and is ideal for stashing even more buttons and all of my threads. Who knew that a box designed for tool parts would be the exact size needed to fit a spool of thread?

I keep the items I need most often [scissors, rotary cutter, stitch ripper, etc.] in the removable tray that nests inside the top portion of the box.

I also bought an extra little parts box for all the attachments and gadgets for my sewing machine. It's like it was made specifically for my stuff.

The best part is that it's on wheels, so the next time I get invited to a crafternoon session, I can bring the whole thing along with me. I might even be able to fit my sewing machine on top. Sigh...isn't it awesome!?!?


  1. now that is awesome! you are truly a maven of craftiness and organization!

    my discombobulated system of storing supplies (ikea tubs and various boxes from yoko yaya) is a disaster! there's a day of reckoning scheduled for the future, when cole needs his closet.

  2. that's an awesome setup kim


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