Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Proud mothering moment

I was sitting pretty high on my horse till now. Satisfied with myself for getting this far into the whole parenting thing without either a) dropping Abner or, b) seeing her fall from an elevated surface. Not that that makes you a bad parent. It can happen so easily to anyone (and has happened to several of my friends - including a pediatrician). Lucky for Abner, her head has remained relatively unscathed - until now...

We had a little *incident* today.

After an epic (and I do mean epic) grocery shop today, I was hastily putting cans away in the pantry. I say "hastily" because the bottom shelf of the pantry houses our board games and Abner has recently discovered the fun of putting Chinese checkers pieces into her mouth. Within moments of opening the cupboard she was underfoot, clamoring to grab the teeny tiny plastic pieces and shove them into any orifice she could find.

So you see...there was reason for my haste. What I didn't bank on was the hidden danger lurking inside the pantry.

I saw the whole event unfolding in slow motion before my eyes. As I added one can to the shelf, it displaced another, which toppled over the edge and landed directly onto Abner's little head, innocently playing below.

Within moments, she was screaming (of course) and a large red bump appeared on her head. Thankfully, she calmed down pretty quickly. I decided not to take her to the hospital after checking with a couple of other friends to see what they would do - consensus being that if she was not behaving abnormally and had stopped crying, she was probably fine.

Now, several hours after the *incident*, she has a crescent-shaped red mark on her head (mostly covered by her hair) where the edge of the can struck her.

In a rather morbid way, it makes me think of those scenes on CSI where you see them discussing possible murder weapons while examining a damaged skull. I can almost hear Dr. Robbins telling Catherine and Grissom now..."I believe the victim's head was bashed with a can - most likely a can of kidney beans."


  1. glad she's feeling better!

    love the csi reference. i flashed to csi's discussing tool marks the other day when I cut my finger with embroidery scissors, and in general with my blunt object incidents, which happen quite often, but just to me. ;-)

  2. unfortunately it's just the beginning of many injuries!! just be thankful you got the first one out of the way! wait until the walking begins, i was sure finley would need a helmet before he had it mastered!!

  3. Yup, it happens to the best of us. Glad Abner is OK.

  4. I don't have kids but I did drop my youngest brother on his head when he was about 2 (I would have been 12.) I dropped him on concrete stairs at my family's cottage in Saskatchewan. We went to the hospital and when the doctor came in to see us he thought I was the patient because I was the one crying. Tom was running around trying to get a drink of water!

    So kids are tougher than you think...and now my brother has the perfect retort when someone asks him if he was dropped on his head - yes, my sister dropped me!

    I'm glad you and Abner are both ok!

  5. ^Randi...you have such a soft spot for Grissom.

    ^Lisa...I just remembered when Finley fell down the stairs the last time we visited - he probably could have used a helmet that day.

    ^Allie...thanks for taking my frantic phone call yesterday.

    ^Alanna...lol! I fell down the stairs when I was little and got my first (and only) black eye. Sadly, I don't think I can blame my brother for it, but at least I haven't suffered any longterm effects from it...at least I don't think so...


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