Thursday, 8 January 2009

A little bit about Abner

The Dear Sweet Husband's equally sweet sister sent us a lovely package for Christmas. It was jammed packed with very thoughtful items for Abner, including a personalized footstool with each letter of her name making up a mini puzzle on the top. There was also a CD with her name in all the songs - how cool is that?! As amazing as these items are (and they truly are amazing...I can't wait until Abner can climb up on the stool for the first time), the most touching items in the box were actually for TDSH.

Among several other things like his old coin collection, school days book (so I can see just how good a student he really was) she also included his baby book. We spent ages the other night pouring through all the information that his mom and dad dutifully recorded over the years: who attended his parties, when he smiled for the first time, clippings of his first hair cut, first trip to the hospital, and his height and weight into his teen years!

How sweet is that?

Very sweet. But it got me thinking about how I've failed to record a lot of that stuff for Abner. I kept a very detailed monthly journal while I was pregnant, so at least I have that to pass on to her, and I include a bunch of general things in this blog, but I've missed on out documenting a lot of the basics so far.

I vaguely remember that she started smiling at about four weeks, and could stand with assistance at 10 weeks. Her first outing was to Superstore (what a shame) when she was three days old (we had to go get some provisions to get us through the stomach flu if I remember correctly). Her first social event was our friend Cole's welcome to the world party when she was just two weeks old. She slept in her own crib in her own room for the first time when she was four months old. She started crawling just a few weeks ago.

We're still waiting on the first tooth and even though her hair is starting to get into her eyes, I can't bring myself to trim it.

Unfortunately, I can't remember when she first started laughing or how old she was when she could hold her head up or sit up on her own though which makes me sad.

In the interest of getting more of these things documented, I recorded the following videos the other day of Abner's first attempt at drinking out of a glass without my help and of her first try at a little finger food.

Lest my head should get swollen with the sheer genius of my daughter's ability to drink from a glass, attempts two, three and four did not go as well (on the up side, the carpet did get sufficiently watered).

In hindsight I realize that the plate was a stupid idea and banana may not have been a smart choice as a first finger food since this is what tended to happen most of the time.

Damn those bananas are sticky bastards.


  1. Um, Abby, you've got a bat ON the cave - HA HA

  2. she's a genius for sure with that cup! and it sounds like you have remembered just about everything.

    i blame bananas for most things - sticky bastards.

    oh - and congrats on the crawling! now you'll have to come over so we can race 'em. :-)


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