Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Footloose and baby-free afternoon

Had an awesome baby-free, craft-filled and greasy-but-tasty afternoon on Sunday with Miranda. We've been scheming for months to go to Portobello West but always seem to let the last Sunday of every month pass without a visit. We finally made it this time.

Miranda was a Portobello West virgin so she didn't know quite what to expect, but I think she was suitably impressed with the array of locally-made, handmade goods available. For those of you who know about Etsy, it's basically like walking through a real life version of the site. Though I was certainly tempted, I didn't buy anything. I really had my heart set on buying a sweater for myself and a hair clip for Abner, but when I didn't find anything appropriate it kind of killed my mood to buy anything else. I did enjoy shopping vicariously through Miranda though. Such cute things she picked up.

As an extra bonus, I got to see my old friend June Hunter who was selling her incredible jewelry, tiles and such at the market. I highly recommend checking out her stuff if you're looking for Christmas gifts for someone special in your life.

After leaving the market, we headed to the Drive for a bite to eat. Foolishly, we headed for Little Nest and made it all the way in the door before realizing how stupid it was to go to a family-friendly restaurant without the kids in tow.

After a little shopping, we wound up at Stella's (far more suitable for two mommies on the loose!). We were happily drinking our beers and chatting away when our conversation inevitably turned to every new mom's favorite topic - pooh. Apparently the snooty couple next to us didn't appreciate hearing about how the night before TDSH had inadvertently put his hand down right into the poopy diaper he'd just taken off Abner. They were totally giving us dirty looks yet trying to look like they weren't listening in on our conversation.

It was Miranda's story that drove them out of the restaurant without ordering though...as she told me about her baby Cole's, how should I put this...need for stewed prunes, she instead said it was her husband who was having...ahem...difficulty (sorry Jamie). Sure enough, Mr. and Mrs. Snooty were listening! They were up and out of their seats in a flash. They had already been quite rude to the server so I think she was grateful for their departure. Nicely done. Score one for poopy stories.


  1. I love intentionally misleading eavesdroppers! Sorry it was at Jamie's expense, but hey...

    That was the best baby-free afternoon. Loved Portobello West and can't wait to check it out again. Perhaps as vendors!

  2. Sounds like you two had toooo much fun!

  3. i have also been meaning to go to portobello west for about a year and a half now! i would have gone last weekend too, i have such a terrible memory. january for sure, i love getting inspired by everyones creativity.


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