Friday, 5 December 2008

Canadian politics in a nutshell

No, we didn't stuff Prime Minister Steven Harper into a nutshell (though that might be a good place for him).

Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have noticed that Canadian politics got a little more interesting this week. And by a little more interesting, I mean a hell of a lot more confusing for the average Canadian (let's be honest...Social Studies was a loooong time ago for most of us).

Need to catch up with the action? Knitting blogger extraordinaire, The Yarn Harlot, has prepared a succinct and informative summary of the events so far (CBC, CTV, Global and CITY be damned! I get my news from a knitter!). So, turn down the Celine Dion, kick off your Sorels, have a seat on the ol' chesterfield, grab a nice cup of Timmy's and read about why our system of government kicks ass. I present to you: "What is happening in Canada" according to the Yarn Harlot.


  1. Wow, where did you find such an amazing link? :)

    Is it ok if I'm drinking Assam tea instead? And in my world, my couch will never be a chesterfield...hmmm, maybe I should call it a SCOFfield, makes about as much sense.

  2. Ahem...I may have neglected to mention that the Yarn Harlot link came to me via my brother. Thanks Booger.

  3. That's ok, I neglected to say in the original that it came to me via Ms. Beck of Cape Breton fame. So there now we've both fully disclosed and are good internet citizens.

  4. You guys are crazy! Oh the fun of blogging@:)


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