Sunday, 7 December 2008

Abner, meet Santa.

One of the great things about maternity leave? Being able to visit the mall Santa on a weekday! We headed over to the local mall on Thursday for Abner's first visit with Jolly St. Nick. After a short wait in line (note to other mothers...there was a line up first thing in the morning, but the elves were sitting on the floor reading books in the afternoon...go in the afternoon) this is what we got.

She has her hand in her mouth in the professional one too. They wanted us to take a few more but we figured that that's pretty much what she looks like most of the time so at least it's accurate. On our way out of the "North Pole" we plunked Abner down with some of the local wildlife. Note the remarkable similarity between the polar bear's dumpy posture and Santa's.


  1. cute! glad she didn't freak out over Santa on film!! :-)

  2. Very cute. Different Santa from the one we saw...

  3. What a wonderful picture of Abbi with Santa...a real treasure for sure@:)


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