Sunday, 30 November 2008

Oh to be pregnant again

Not that I want another baby right now or anything, but there were definitely some perks associated with being pregnant that I now miss.

At the top of my list is good skin. Oh how I miss those few months of unblemished skin. I broke out like crazy in the first trimester, but after that my complexion was smooth as silk. Now, I'm back to breaking out like a hormone-ravaged teenager. Does my body not realize that I am a thirty-something woman? I left my teenaged years behind long ago, but it seems my skin never got the memo. Sigh.

I also miss my glorious pregnancy hair. I've never had thick hair before. To say my hair is on the finer side is putting it mildly. It's generally thin, lanky and dull. It's not that I suddenly got more hair while I was pregnant, but it seemed like what I did have, never fell out. The result was a full head of thicker-than-normal hair. And it had a lovely shine to it. Now I have to watch it all slip away day after day, down the drain. Double sigh.

I also miss having a good excuse to get a seat while on transit. I see a lot of pregnant women who seem to prefer to stand (hemorrhoids maybe?), but I definitely preferred having a seat on the bus. I wasn't shy about it either. If I got on a full bus and no one offered me their seat, I would unbutton my coat to reveal my enormous bump in all its glory and loudly ask, "who would like to give up their seat to a pregnant woman." It worked every single time. Come on...who can say no to that? Nowadays, all I get is grumbling from all the people I displace when boarding a bus with my stroller and more often than not, I'm forced to stand for the duration of the ride basking in the icy glares of my fellow riders.

Having my whole maternity leave to look forward to is another one I miss. Nothing could be better than having twelve whole months of freedom from work to look forward to (calm yourselves...I realize I simply traded my desk job for a whole different kind of work, but you know what I'm getting at). Now, with only four and a half months left to go, my return date seems to be looming far too close for comfort. Returning to work is about the last thing on Earth that I want to do. Perhaps I should go buy some lotto tickets this week?

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  1. I (almost) always preferred to stand on transit because if I sat down the baby kicked the crap out of me.

    But that didn't stop me being pissed that no one offered a seat...

    Good luck on the lotto.


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