Thursday, 27 November 2008

Let the quilting begin!

Yes, it's true...I've started another project. No, I have not finished the beautiful wool coat from several years ago. No, I have not assembled our wedding album yet. Yes, I do have Christmas gifts to prepare, a book proposal to write and a little cutie pie to play with, but this enormous pile of scraps was calling my name last night.

I started collecting fabric scraps from all of the dresses I've assembled since Abner's arrival. I had a bunch set aside, but not enough to make a quilt. Thanks to a fellow project-obsessed mommy blogger who let me raid her stash yesterday, my scrap pile grew so big it could no longer be ignored. Originally, I had been thinking of making just a twin-sized quilt, but I think I might have enough to do a big ol' queen sized throw now.

Most of the fabrics are from various Amy Butler collections, but there's also a few from Joel Dewberry and Urban Chiks thrown in for good measure. It took hours to get everything all cut into strips (I have now learned the importance of neatly pressing my fabric - even my scraps - thank you Miranda!) For a quilt that is supposed to use up all of my leftover scraps, there sure was a big pile of tiny pieces left over when I finally put down the rotary cutter.

I'm not sure of the final pattern, but I will likely try to do a bit of a colour gradient from pink to blue (with green and grey along the way). You can kind of see what I'm getting at from the shot below. Oh so pretty!

Really, this project couldn't have come along at a better least now I have something to do on Wednesday nights now that ANTM is over.


  1. Check the link for p-a-j-a...doh, you get the idea :)

  2. fixed the link...don't know how I screwed up cut and paste...but there you have it.

  3. LOVE the concept of your quilt and the gradient look. It's going to be awesome!! Can't wait to see it.

    Lucky for me I had to sleep of a migraine yesterday or I really would have missed my Wednesday night addiction... :-)

  4. you craft? oh this is exciting. maybe we should start a craft group? i have a friend in spokane who does this with some of her friends and i have always been envious. i have one girlfriend that i craft with on occasion, but never enough for a collective.

    i think your quilt looks very promising, here's to seeing it through to completion!


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