Saturday, 8 November 2008

It's a bun kind of day

Why didn't anyone tell me how easy it is to make homemade buns? I'm a huge fan of the buns my mom or my aunt prepares for big family get-togethers, but never really seeing the work that goes into making them, I thought you had to slave away for the better part of the day to make them. How wrong I was.

I dug out Grandma Rand's refrigerator bun recipe yesterday and managed to whip up a batch while Abner bounced away in her exersaucer. Anyone with little ones knows that kids will only last about 20 minutes in an exersaucer so I was amazed that I could to get all the mixing and kneading done in that short time. Once the dough is prepared, you just toss it in the fridge overnight to let it rise. How easy is that?

All I had to do this morning was roll the dough into little balls and let them rest for a hour before baking for 25 minutes...Et voila!

Too bad Abner's not big enough yet to try these out. Actually, that's probably a good thing...more for me!


  1. Thanks for the buns today - they are definitely a hit around here!! SO GOOD! Must get that recipe...

  2. Check your gmail account...I sent you the recipe a couple of hours ago. Enjoy!


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