Sunday, 23 November 2008

How do you like them apples?

Apparently not that much!

Adventures in feeding continued this week when we attempted to introduce bananas and then when that utterly failed, apples. Is it wrong for me to think that it's kind of cute to see her gag a little on food she doesn't like? Every time she does it, I am reminded of that saying from the '80s, "Gag me with a spoon." The shot above was taken approximately 30 seconds before Abner made her dislike of apples abundantly clear by vomiting. Bananas didn't go much better the other day, but at least she didn't puke with those. She just gets a little on her lip and looks vaguely like a cat trying to heave up a hairball. Gross, but entertaining.

She absolutely loves yams though! She gets really excited as soon as the spoon starts moving toward her mouth. The other day she sneezed just as I was on the final approach. When she raised her head, both nostrils were plugged with yam! I wish I caught it on camera. She's been eating yams for over a week now, but technically she's still on her first one. I swear I bought the smallest one they had in the store, but it made enough to last Abner two whole weeks, plus feed me and TDSH for dinner one night!

Thankfully, we were able to fool her into eating some apple this morning by mixing it with her rice cereal (which she loves and eats with reckless abandon). I'm not above a little trickery at the table. As a picky eater myself (I know...I can hear you all now..."You? Picky? I never would have guessed") I know all the tricks that people use to get you to eat un-liked food and I plan to use them all on Abner if necessary.

With the successful introduction of apples, that brings her dining repertoire up to: rice cereal, yams, apples, organic mum mums and water (which she drinks out of a big-person glass thankyouverymuch). Rather than making purees of everything, I've just been mashing them with a fork. So far it seems to be working quite well and there's less mess to clean up as I'm not dragging out the blender all the time. In the interest of adding more colour to her diet, I think we'll add peas this week! Yum.


  1. Oh dear, no puking at dinner! My baby is the opposite. Eats the hell out of applesauce & bananas but will. not. touch. sweet potato or avocado, which his big brother loved.

    Of course now the big brother only eats white food; bread, butter, parmesan cheese (yes he is specific) so picky now doesn't always mean picky later (or vice versa) (forgive me I am tired.)

  2. Jamie loves white food! I've tricked him over the years into becoming much more adventurous with food... :-)

    Puking at the table is quite the statement! It is really cute when they gag, definitely. Glad Ab loves yam - they are really popular around here too.


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