Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Good day for an outing

It was a beautiful day for a walk on Saturday so we loaded up the Protege and headed for one of my all-time favorite spots in the Lower Mainland - Crescent Beach. It's is a quaint little village-type area of Surrey (I know...never thought you'd hear "quaint" and Surrey in the same sentence). Unlike many areas around Vancouver, Crescent Beach has maintained a lot of the charm of its origin as a summer cottage destination. It also has one of the most fantastic beachside walks around.

We weren't the only ones out enjoying the lack of rain (for once!). We saw some crazy people being baptized in the muddy waters of the aptly named, Mud Bay (calling them crazy is a comment on the frigid waters, not their religious views!) There were tonnes of birders out (don't think they appreciated Abner's bird calls though) and a doggy obedience class. One nice woman even offered to take a family photo for us!

We walked from the village out to Blackie Spit along the waterfront, but opted to go back through the village so that I could do one of my favorite things - gawk a beautiful houses. TDSH and I agree, if we had work-at-home jobs and a whole bunch of money we would love to live in Crescent Beach. Sadly we lack both so we're stuck in our two-bedroom apartment in BBY.

I really enjoy getting out for walks whenever possible so if you know of any good ones in and around the Lower Mainland, please leave a comment. I leave you now with this super-cute shot of Abner. How adorable!


  1. Love crescent beach! I'll have to get Jamie out there one of these days for a walk... It looks beautiful - and there are nice folks who take your family photos! :-)

  2. Love that little girl of yours...what a cutie!!!

    A great walk in South Langley is Campbell Valley Regional Park. You can access it off 16th Avenue just East of 200th (turn right at bottom of hill)

    Fort Langley's Regional Park on Brae Island is interesting...very peaceful and quiet.

    We also love the walk at Tsawwassen's Centennial Beach Regional Park.

    I have a book of great walks in the Vancouver area. I'll have to find it and pass it on to our mom.

  3. i actually lived in crescent beach for a year. i agree that it is beautiful, but also incredibly boring for someone in their twenties who doesn't have a car! haven't been back in years, i really should. that last picture is too cute for words.


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