Thursday, 16 October 2008

Victoria bound

I figure I better document my recent trip to Victoria before it completely becomes old news. The week before Thanksgiving, Abner and I took a quick trip across the Strait to visit some friends I haven't seen in ages and to give TDSH a bit of quiet time to get some work done. Our two-night stay at Chateau Gramada was lovely! Good food, a little shopping, a bit of sightseeing, beautiful scenery, great friends and a lot of casual downtime make for a good trip in my books. Abner had a blast being poked, prodded, hugged and kissed by her new friends Sam and Molly. Sam made sure that Abner became an expert in all things orca and motorcycle (his obsessions of the week) and Molly showed her how to rock pigtails (once she grows out her mohawk).

Maybe it was hanging out with older kids for a couple of days, but Abner seemed to make a few significant developmental leaps shortly after our visit. She's now pretty much mastered the art of rolling, sitting by herself and she is down to just one feeding a night (hallelujah!).

Travelling alone with a baby means there's no one else around to talk to so I wound up taking a tonne of arm's-length photos to keep myself entertained. Grandpa C. will be happy to hear that she loved hanging out on the deck of the ferry and no longer seems to hate the wind - we may make a sailor of her yet!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you two had a blast!

    Love the mega arms-reach photo post. Those are really cool looking all together like that. Funny how infrequently a passerby offers to take one for you, isn't it? In a whole afternoon at the aquarium doing the same thing I had ONE offer!


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