Thursday, 16 October 2008

Know anyone with a B.O.B. stroller?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love my B.O.B. Revolution stroller (well, it's Abner's really, not mine per se). TDSH and I picked it out months before it would ever be needed. I would love to say we did a heap of research into the matter, but to be honest, it was the only one we could figure out how to collapse without the assistance of a salesperson.

I am happy to report that we made a fantastic selection since we use it practically every day. I love it so much, I recommend it to expecting parents every chance I get. I've also bought pretty much every accessory available: infant carseat adapter, handlebar console, diaper bag, warm fuzzy liner and rain shield (essential for West Coast rainy season - known as Fall, Winter and Spring to the rest of the country). The trouble is that the one accessory they don't seem to make is a cozy sleeping bag to keep lil' Abner snug as a bug in a rug now that the weather has gotten cooler.

Well I got my creative juices flowing over the weekend and solved this problem with a bit of fabric and four little snaps. May I present to you...the all new...completely stroller sleeping bag!

I used a Japanese printed corduroy as the outer fabric and synthetic sherpa material for the inner, fuzzy liner. The bag is contoured to follow the shape of the footrest so that it won't interfere with the front wheel but still provides plenty of room for Abner to kick her legs around even as she gets bigger. The bottom securely attaches to the store-bought "warm fuzzy liner" with four snaps so that it can't be kicked off like a regular blanket yet can be removed for washing or once the weather warms up again. The top part opens up nice and wide making it easy to get Abner in and out of the stroller.

If anyone is interested in getting one for their own B.O.B. stroller (or as a gift for a friend), just let me know.


  1. The stroller sleeping bag is great - what an awesome idea! Terrific fabric too. I'm sure Abner will be all snug and warm in it.

    You've inspired me to see what I can do on this score for Cole now that the rainy season is here...

  2. Dammit! I wish I saw this two weeks ago, before I purchased the JJ Cole version. Yours is so much funkier!

  3. Hello! How much would you charge for one of these sleeping bags? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jennison, I charge $60 CAD. Please email me at heymilkybeer [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested. I have to mention that I now live in New Zealand so shipping would have to be added.


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