Friday, 17 October 2008

I know this much is true

Within hours of giving Abner a bath, she will poop her diaper big time, thereby negating the effects of said bath.

The first night after Abner's sleep sac is washed, she will spit up on it, forcing us to live with the smell of sour milk until the next time we do laundry.

Though we may be out for an hour-long walk/drive, Abner will only fall asleep in the last five minutes of the trip.

The week after I breakdown and buy new onsies for Abner, she will go through another growth spurt rendering said onsies too small.

The moment I settle down to write a new blog post or watch my favorite TV show, Abner will wake up crying.


  1. Babies must be in synch about that last point especially. Nothing wakes Cole up like me settling down.

    Wishing you a clean sleep sac, non sour milk smelling day of at least 15 straight minutes of you time! :-)

  2. Yes, WHY do they only fall asleep at the end of the car /stroller ride? Both of my kids do this and holy hell it's annoying.


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