Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ah choo! Abner's first cold

There's been one "first" that I have been dreading - the first cold. I even contemplated making TDSH sleep in the car when he came home with a cold last month just to avoid passing it on to Abner. While we did manage to dodge that cold, we couldn't avoid the inevitable.

Abner and I both got colds this week. For me it means a miserable achy body (but that could also be because I'm out of shape and aquafit kicked my ass on Monday), stuffy head and runny nose. Abner just has a bit of a runny nose and a cute little cough. Well, it's a cute little cough until you hear it at 2 a.m. followed by the inevitable cries of a suddenly awakened little baby. So far she doesn't seem to be suffering too much and I must confess I think she sounds adorable when she snarfles away during feedings.

I debated whether or not to go to music class today because of our colds. I generally think that I am pretty relaxed about exposing Abner to other kids who are sick, but I know not all mothers are like that. In fact, I know some moms who are down right militant about keeping their kids away from germs. However, seeing as we paid for the class and Abner loves it so much, we took the risk and went for it this afternoon. Judging by the number of babies who were away, we weren't the only ones who were sick. Let all you other mothers be warned - it looks like another cold and flu season is here.


  1. Oops, you probably got it from us. Linnea is waking up every hour coughing. What a great first birthday present!

  2. Poor Abner - hope you both feel better soon. Or at least pass it along to Sean. :-)

    We're dreading the first cold too.


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